Video of the SBU exposed the network pseudorealities centers in Kharkovscreenshot of the video

They forcibly kept the drug addicts and alcoholics

07.03.18 172200

In Kharkov the SBU exposed the network pseudorealities centres which are forcibly kept drug and alcohol addicted people.

Reports a press about it-service SBU.

Illegal “business” was organized by one of the preachers of Protestant religious organizations of a charismatic direction. They tricked lured to the “clinic” citizens, promising them or their relatives the full treatment and comprehensive psychological assistance.

Check recorded that the centers had a staff of doctors and no permits in the health sector. After receipt of payment for “treatment”, the organizers have placed patients in a large private rented homes where force was held prior to the expiration of the course of “rehabilitation”.

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SBU found that pseudoreality centers do not provide medical treatment. Among the patients were people with serious diseases, particularly hepatitis, tuberculosis, HIV. “Help” was the constant prayers and the exercise of questionable religious ceremonies.

In rooms with a size of 9-10 square meters in unsanitary conditions held for 8 patients, the Windows of the premises were equipped with bars. During the stay in the centers, patients were selected by the mobile device unit calls, the relatives were allowed only in the presence of the guards, and outside of the house was strictly forbidden. For minor offenses, or an attempt to escape the sick were beaten and kept in the basement.

According to intelligence agencies, the cost of “treatment” in the center was determined by the organizers depending on the solvency of the family and ranged from 3 to 8 thousand UAH per month. For the maintenance of patients spend the minimum amount.

During the RAID, police revealed five pseudoreality centres which were held approximately 230 people with various kinds of addiction.

Pre-judicial investigation proceeds according to art. 146 (illegal imprisonment or kidnapping) and article 126 (management of vehicles of persons not having the right of control) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.