Russian mercenaries in Syria (photos

Russian militants PMC Wagner and other mercenary forces in the service of the Kremlin and the Syrian regime is widely used to torture prisoners. About this in comments to the Agency, Radio Liberty said three representatives of the command of the PMC, which was fighting against Ukraine in Donbass, and also took part in the Syrian fighting.

“Everyone understands that captivity is death by torture. Prisoner is not accessible, you do not want in an orange jumpsuit to give pleasure in YouTube <…> Information pumped, if it is, and shot, and if information is not shot and killed without torture. What torture? To shoot something, the fingers cut off. And you can pull his eye out in teaspoons. I have specialists that pull. The spectacle is shocking. Is taken two tea spoons, it is necessary to pry the bottom and top – and-eye hanging,” he told a war criminal.

According to him, the eyes then “can be inserted back.”

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According to the interlocutor of Radio Liberty, in Syria on the side of the government troops is up to 8 million Russians – personnel and mercenaries, and all financial issues are resolved through PMC owned structures, “Putin’s cook” Eugene Prigogine, OOO Euro Policy. Money paid upon arrival in Russia.

Work in PMC: average salary – 150 thousand rubles a month, plus a bonus of up to 100%. From the company commander three times. Is, payments for the injured. “We have one soldier paid 180 thousand rubles: by mistake its aviation worked, he has all the guts are thrown away,” said the mercenary.

Contracts with PMC fighters are signed for exploration work in the oil field, but with a caveat: will have to work in the area of fighting, but because “we need to be ready to take up arms”. Mercenary groups sent to the airbase of the Russian air force Charter flights from Rostov or Mozdok, also part sent to Syria on the amphibious ships.

“There’s a Wagner five mouth works and a sixth company of “Karpaty”. Each of the company communication with the staff (Wagner), sitting at the headquarters air force officer, he coordinates the aircraft when storms occur. Generally clear communication,” said one field commander.

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