In the Western media began to discuss the leak of information about the underwater drone, codenamed “Cephalopods”, which Russia allegedly is developing with 2015. Very loud name in the biology of the cephalopods; referred to as deep sea squid, which afford and prefer to fight even the sperm whale. In this case we are talking about an Autonomous robot who literally will hunt enemy submarines.

Unlike atomic “Poseidon”, which the Russian authorities told officially about the Cephalopods is almost no information. Known primarily attracts attention suspension. There is a large screw and rudders, similar to systems used on submarines, which provides the robot silent running, stealth and duration of movement under water. However, the set of them is a group of small shunting impellers – they need to hang and do the unexpected “shots” on the enemy.

Armed Cephalopod, probably a large supply of small thermal torpedoes (MTT) caliber 324 mm. They are widely used in systems such as “Package-NK” for anti-submarine warfare in the near zone. But can knock and enemy torpedoes – the Cephalopods will be able to track down serious purpose, and keep patrolling the coastline or to serve as a bodyguard submarines-submarines. Versatile and very dangerous underwater hunter-drone.

Western experts comment on these leaks as the fact that the submarine war is entering a new era. Early submarines were built for three tasks: to sink big ships, hit each other and carry strategic missiles. Cars like the Cephalopods are virtually useless against an aircraft carrier or an enemy fleet, but imagine the horror of sailors who realized that they began hunting the robot that did not scare retaliation in principle. And if the Russian cephalopods; more and begin to get in packs…
Source — Covert Shores