Elena Abdullayev, doctor-oncologist, in the stream RT “Beautiful Russian BU-BU-BU” said, how goes the work at the hospital for sick coronavirus infection COVID-19 in Moscow.

  • © Pavel Kononov
  • RIA Novosti

She told me that she worked in a private clinic, and later “received instructions from authorities” on the conversion of coronavirus in the hospital.

“I had a choice: either I sit on some kind of quarantine without a salary and do nothing, or I’m going completely to another hospital with a strange working conditions… I just made the decision that I have to work and I want to work here, the more I’m here all already knew,” added Elena.

She was asked to tell, how comes ill COVID-19.

“We completely filled. The last floor is filled, our fourth treatment today is filled with just endless flow,” she said.

According to her, the staff has been given necessary protection.

“We were given all that is needed. It all came gradually. Initially lacked some of the costumes. Yesterday I got a suit 56 size after I went to the “green” zone. Sneakers are not enough, the sneaker was 43-th size… But today, it is dobrilo, so that crocs no problem,” said the doctor.

In early April it was reported that Moscow will mobilize all the necessary power to combat coronavirus infection COVID-19, included in the work including the private medical organizations.