The Russian consulate in Kharkov © Twitter / itsector

Fire has broken out at the Russian consulate in the northeastern city of Kharkov as anti-Russia protesters threw flares and burned tires in front of the building.

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Scores descended on the Russian diplomatic facility on Kharkov, Ukraine, on Monday, one day after a tense standoff between the two countries’ navy occurred in the Back Sea.

#Харків у дворі консульства загорілася ялинка

— IT Sector Харків (@itsector) November 26, 2018

#Харків мітингарі запустили фаєра в консульство

— IT Sector Харків (@itsector) November 26, 2018

The rally heated up when some masked demonstrators lit flares and started hurling them at the Russian Consulate. One of the burning projectiles eventually landed behind the fence, and a fir tree outside the consulate building caught fire.

A woman was filmed taking the Russian national flag to a crowd of chanting men with flares to set it alight.

#Харків біля консульства РФ

— IT Sector Харків (@itsector) November 26, 2018

The attack on the Russian mission unfolded right in front of a police line. The officers could be seen standing still, failing to intervene as projectiles flew over their heads and hit the building.

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