In the Internet published new photos and videos captured by Russian soldiers of the Ukrainian ships, which are currently in the occupied Kerch.

Crimean journalists confirmed that all three of the Ukrainian ship after the capture was delivered to the port of Kerch and moored in the area Genola.

Pictures of Navy ships was published

While users of social networks say that the journalists were shown only two Ukrainian ships, visible damage which is not visible. The third warship, which in all probability received the greatest damage after the attack and shelling of Russia, would intentionally hide from the lenses of photographers.

The images show small armored
artillery boat “Nikopol” (P176), “Berdyansk” (P175)
and RAID tug “Yana Kapu” (А947).

At the same time, British journalist Christopher Miller showed
the video filmed in Kerch – published frames are also visible Ukrainian ships.

Recall, there were shots of the storming of the Russian unarmed Ukrainian vessel.

Earlier there was a comment of the Ukrainian Navy of the seizure by the Russians of Ukrainian ships and military losses.