Operatives of the SBU was exposed and captured Kharkov, recruited by Russia. The man found the explosives in the metro in Kharkov.

provides a press-the SBU center, reports “Диалог.UA”.

So, the staff
the Agency managed to prevent the Commission of a terrorist act. How did
to install the SBU Kharkov was recruited by the Russian security services. His task
to commit a terrorist attack in Kharkiv metro. The curators had planned that the explosion needs
was the cause of many victims. The Russian secret service wanted
to destabilize the political situation in Ukraine before the presidential elections.

The detainee is the resident of Kharkov received the explosives, the capacity of which amounted to 600 grams of TNT.
Trigger an explosive substance was in a phone call. Also known
the suspect bought nails, screws, bolts and nuts. It’s all he was
it is necessary in order to enhance the force of explosives to increase the number

paid 15 thousand dollars for the attack. Now with the terrorist
investigative actions are carried out.

We will remind, in Donetsk
can happen new attacks.