The security service of Ukraine conducted an operation to identify a terrorist, recruited by Russian secret services, who wanted to commit a terrorist attack in Kharkiv metro.

This reports the press service of the SBU, reports

Previously, the security service operatives were exposed and arrested
Kharkov, recruited by Russia.

According to the SBU, representatives of the Russian special services gave
by the explosive power of 600 grams of TNT, which
operated by phone call. It is noted that the operation was
to claim tens of lives of metro passengers, the contractor received
would 15 thousand dollars.

However, the staff managed to identify the terrorist and after
the investigative work was found a cache of explosive, later device
it was replaced by a dummy, so that during the installation of a terrorist device
the residents of Kharkov and threatened.

The malefactor was detained by the special authorities immediately
after installing the “explosive device”, and together with him were detained
the other man, whose identity is already installed.

Later seized the explosive device was eliminated at the landfill.

In Kharkov the SBU detained the official on suspicion of spying
in favor of Russia.

SBU did not give the Russians to make a “religious”
the attack.