Russian tennis player Veronika Miroshnichenko made a statement in Ukrainian – in Russia she was called a traitor

The athlete has long been known for her pro-Ukrainian position and previously stated that she dreams of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.

Russian tennis player Veronika Miroshnichenko made an unexpected statement, supporting Ukraine after her own victory at the ITF W40 tournament held in Mexico. The athlete made a post on the social network Instagram in Ukrainian, and also noted in the message the Ukrainian greeting “Glory to Ukraine”.

Journalists clarify that Miroshnichenko has been supporting Ukraine since the first days of the Russian invasion and performs with elements of Ukrainian symbols.

Earlier in an interview, Miroshnichenko said that she spent her childhood in Zaporozhye and was raised in a Ukrainian family, so she considers herself Ukrainian, but with a Russian passport. Now she dreams of obtaining Ukrainian citizenship.

The tennis player’s uncle died at the hands of the Russian occupiers, defending Ukraine.

Veronika Miroshnichenko is a Russian tennis player who was born in Moscow on November 19, 1997. She gained worldwide fame in 2023 when she publicly expressed support for Ukraine during the Russian invasion.

In 2023, Miroshnichenko began openly expressing support for Ukraine. She posted posts with the Ukrainian flag on social media and called for peace.

Miroshnichenko has been the target of criticism from some Russian fans and the media. She was accused of betrayal and of using the war to advance her career.

Despite the criticism, Miroshnichenko continues to support Ukraine. She donated money to help Ukrainian refugees and appealed to other Russian athletes to join her in supporting Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that in the second round of the US Open, Ukrainian Svitolina beat Russian Pavlyuchenkova.