Projects for the development of the moon could be a factor of cooperation of Russia and the United States, said Deputy General Director of state Corporation “Rosatom” for international cooperation Sergey Savelyev.

  • © Sergey Mamontov
  • RIA Novosti

“I regret to say that in recent years, the direct communication between the state Corporation “Roskosmos” and NASA on a number of fronts has significantly dwindled”, he said.

According to Savelyev, instead of discussing dozens of projects all comes down to either the delivery of astronauts to ISS, or to delivery in the US Russian RD-180/181.

“Ambitious projects related to the exploration of the moon, could become a serious factor for the cooperation between the two countries in difficult times”, — he stressed.

12 may it was reported that Roscosmos and NASA signed a contract for delivery in the fall of 2020, one American astronaut on the ISS manned spacecraft “Soyuz MS”.

As noted in NASA, the Agency will pay more than $90 million for a place for the astronaut to “Union”.