The result of a rollover of a military KAMAZ in Vladivostok, the soldiers were not injured. About it RIA Novosti said the head of Department of information support a press-services VVO on Pacific fleet Nikolay Voskresenskiy.

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“March 11, 2019 in pursuit of a public road Sedanka — Patrokl in Primorye military vehicle KAMAZ with the passage of the turn tipped over on the port side”, — said the resurrection.

The cause of the accident is established.

Regional Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia reported that on the track the Russian island — Patroclus Bay in the area of the junction in the direction of Patroclus Bay due to overturning KAMAZ restricted movement.

According to preliminary data, the accident was hit by a military vehicle “Pantsir-S1”.

Writes citing eyewitnesses, the accident on the poor quality of the road, as in the scene of the accident greatly subsided the asphalt, and high car just starts to “swing”.

Earlier URA.RU passed that in the Sverdlovsk region there was an accident involving a bus and three cars.