A powerful storm hit Europe: three dead, hundreds of thousands were left without electricity

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This past weekend a significant part of Europe was at the mercy of inclement weather. By the powerful storm affected Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Ukraine. Aware of three dead, several people were injured, according to Stormnews.

German meteorologists assigned befallen the country storms the names of the “Draghi” and “Eberhard”. The wind gusts in some parts of Germany exceeded 150 km/h. In the Federal state of North Rhine – Westphalia stopped train. There are problems on the highways. On one of the roads in the Hochsauerland region because of falling tree killed the driver of the car, reports WDR.

In Belgium, the strong winds also led to traffic problems. He felled trees and tore roofs of houses. We know of one dead: in a city Supposedly the province of Antwerp because of a falling tree killed a man. In the commune of Schaerbeek near Brussels, injuring a fireman, who fell the big branch, according to RTL Info.

The impact of the storm in the Netherlands:

In the Northern half of France gusts of wind exceeding 120 km/h. Inclement weather left without electricity for 9 million homes. In the Pas-de-Calais by a falling tree injured 2 people were in the car, according to La Voix du Nord.

#Villeneuve-d’ascq: Un arbre tombe sur une voiture et fait deux blessés #vents https://t.co/Dyn7vjm3gw pic.twitter.com/Mkrs0zXKih

— LA VDN par La Voix du Nord (@lavoixdunord) 10 Mar 2019

Accidents, annulés Les événements… #vents violents font des dégâts dans le #Nord et le #PasdeCalais #meteo https://t.co/mGNpaFS6Tw pic.twitter.com/IpQgtf113v

— LA VDN par La Voix du Nord (@lavoixdunord) 10 Mar 2019

Vents violents: 9000 toujours clients privés d’électricité dans le Nord-Pas-de-Calais https://t.co/nPcWVvvmGa pic.twitter.com/8jr6KKxAF3

— LA VDN par La Voix du Nord (@lavoixdunord) 10 Mar 2019

In the Czech Republic electricity lost 320 thousand persons, informs a portal České noviny.

In Slovakia, according to the Agency TASR, there is no electricity in 30 thousand houses.

In Poland, the bad weather has left without light of 400 thousand people. Injured 5 people, reports “Radio Poland.”

In Ukraine from violent storm suffered Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Khmelnytsky and Vinnytsia region. In the winery as a result of falling tree killed 11-year-old girl, according to SSES of Ukraine.

11 March in Kiev, Kiev, in Lviv, Volyn, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Rivne, Ternopil, Khmelnytsky, Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Cherkasy, Kirovohrad, Chernihiv, Sumy and Poltava regions, we issue a warning about the wind gusts of 25-30 m/s, for other regions – 17-22 m/s.