During the TV broadcast in Spain happened something inexplicable. The reporter’s eyes suddenly changed. This sight frightened the audience. The experts noted that it could not be a man, and the reptilians or even the demon that was hidden under a human mask.

The Spaniards were scared when we took over the TV.
Something inexplicable happened on one of the channels. Ordinary reporter
told the audience about the news, but suddenly his eyes turned icy gray
color, transfers the edition “Диалог.UA” with reference to “Russian conversation”.

It is noted that the correspondent’s name is Alejandro
Riego. Many viewers did not realize that it was for chilling
look. However, ufologov and conspiracy theorists had his own theory.

Before the review expert, the author of the video
duplicated record videoair. A resident of Spain made this to show
the world is such an incredible phenomenon. He also wanted to prove the truth said
earlier words to your friends. This drew the attention of experts. They said that
news anchor is the reptilians, who hid behind a human mask. Was
even the assumption that he is a robot, and even a demon.

The experts noted that they begin often
to face with strange events during airtime. However, no one
knows what it’s about.

Recall that scientists have answered the question about
superpowers of man. They learned from people they open. In addition
on the moon found
an abnormal phenomenon.