Replacement safety glass in the new iPhone X will cost $279

In this case, the gadget will cost a minimum of$1,000


Replace broken screen iPhone X new cost 279 dollars. For comparison, the cost of such procedures in the case of iPhone 6 is $ 129, iPhone 8 — 169 dollars.

It is reported


If the user is in the program AppleCare+, the replacement cost of the damaged display will be 29 dollars. The cost of participation in the program is estimated at an additional $ 199.

The price of repair “other damages” iPhone X to 549 dollars. When participating in the program AppleCare+ — $ 99.

X iPhone is a premium smartphone of the manufacturer with edge-to-edge display, dual camera and advanced facial recognition system users.

Pre-order the device today. The delivery time in the USA, Russia and Germany — about five to six weeks.

Recall that a clone of the iPhone X will cost just $ 80.