Augmented reality can be a handy tool for fast copying of the visual objects from the real world and inserting them into digital documents. It gives the chance not to bother with sending images via e-mail or cutting out objects in Photoshop. Just enough to point the phone at what you want to copy, and drag it on the screen of the device where you open the desired file. The mechanism of action shows a video from the developer Cyril Diagne.

At the moment this is only an experimental prototype. However, a few companies have already begun work on similar software. It can be expected that the tool will be available in the near future.

Of course, the development will be a good addition to other applications, which allow, for example, to try on clothes, not wearing it. Classical AR paradigm here was carefully inverted: instead of projecting a digital image into the physical world, it brings physical objects to digital.

As Diagne explains Twitter, showcasing his AR Cut&Paste one component program separates the foreground object from the background by using machine-learning techniques, and the other determines at what point and where your phone shows when you hover over the computer screen. According to Diagne, the copied object takes about 2.5 seconds to insert the last 4 seconds, but the time can be easily accelerated. Cyril has already placed its code on GitHub for those who feel the desire to help improve the new program.

Source — The Verge