Hypersonic missile of Intercontinental range, “avant-garde” in the last test reached a speed of about 27 strokes (about 33 thousand km/h). According to the Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov, such speed and the possibility of active combat maneuvering make this unit practically invulnerable to missile defense systems. In case of a permanent member of the security Council of the Russian Federation and former defense Minister Sergei Ivanov stressed that “avant-garde” does not violate international agreements on arms limitation, including the start-III. Experts note that the missile system is able to actually ignore the existing missile defense system, to restore the balance of power broken after the US withdrawal from the ABM Treaty.

  • Test launch of the missile complex “vanguard”
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Hypersonic missile complex “vanguard” in the course of control tests significantly exceeded the previously announced rates of speed, reaching Mach 27. About it on air of TV channel “Russia 24” said Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, in the area of responsibility of which includes including the military-industrial complex and defense procurement.

“The last test showed that he reached speeds close to Mach 30. About 27 strokes he picked up speed. At these speeds, almost no anti-missile missile can not shoot it down,” — said Borisov.

According to him, the fundamental difference between the complex “Avangard” from existing systems is that it is impossible to predict where the warhead will be in the next time because of its ability to maneuver as the rate and pitch.

“Will be virtually eliminated missile defense. Very difficult for this unit to detect and even more striking,” — said Borisov.

Note that the previous top speed for “Avant-garde” was considered a figure of the order of Mach 20 in the atmosphere. It is the number in his March address to the Federal Assembly called the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, speaking about new weapons systems. Recall that a simplified Mach number shows how many times the true speed of the aircraft more than the speed of sound in a particular environment. Thus, figure 27 Mach corresponds to about 33 thousand km/h.

The next test launch of a hypersonic missile system was successfully carried out on Wednesday, December 26. Launched from Dombarovsky area in the Orenburg region, “Avangard” broke about 6 thousand km and struck conditional target on the Kura test site (Kamchatka). According to Vladimir Putin, this launch was the final test of the system, and now building will be supplied to the Russian army. The first regiment of missile systems will be on combat duty in 2019.

“New type of strategic weapons in the world appeared first on we and securely will ensure the defense of our country and our people for decades to come,” said the President, who watched the testing at its National control center defense.

Restoring the balance

In turn, a permanent member of the Russian security Council and former defense Minister Sergei Ivanov stressed that the missile system with Intercontinental range “Avantgarde” does not violate international agreements on arms limitation, including the Treaty on the reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms (start-III).

“We had test launches in 2012-2013, they were carried out strictly within the framework of all international agreements, and even now, with the adoption of the “Avant-garde” we don’t come from any of the parameters start-III, for example,” he said in the TV channel “Russia 24”.

According to him, the establishment of the missile system did not require excessive financial investments, because the strategic Missile forces (RVSN) have been as suitable launch vehicles and position area.


At the forefront of hypersonic Putin has announced the arrival of the Russian troops of the new type of strategic weapons

The Russian military has successfully completed the flight test program for a hypersonic missile complex “Avangard”. For held on 26…

“Our arsenals have been a few dozen “dry” missiles UR-100N utth. The service life of such liquid rockets begins with the first refueling. And they fuel never refueled, they were new. And battle winged block “Avangard” is perfect in its weight and size characteristics to suit this rocket… we Have a backlog of a few dozen rockets that we produce is not necessary, the money they spend is not necessary. Position areas, shelves, equipped with a complex “Avangard” is already there. That is, except for the block itself, any other major financial expenditure we are not at all possible”, — said Ivanov.

However, he stated that Moscow has no plans to get involved in the arms race (despite the fact that the cost of creating “Avant-garde” hundreds of times less than the funds allocated for the creation of a U.S. global missile defense system). On the contrary, Russia with less guarantee their security for many decades to come.

On compliance of the complex “Avangard” new start Treaty and said the military expert, the editor of the magazine “Arsenal Fatherland” Alex Leonov. In an interview with RT, he said that this missile system is intended for solving wide range of tasks throughout the depth of the theater of operations.

“He will carry the block of propellant — likely megaton — class and solve problems, including the destruction of important objects of military and civilian infrastructure. The complex is part of our doctrine of launch on warning oncoming blow. A weapon of deterrence, because our opponents from overseas in 2002 left the ABM Treaty and built up this group,” — said the expert.

“They surpassed us in missile defence. We will now have a facility that will able the system to ignore. It will give strategic stability, will restore the balance,” — said Leonov.