The party supports sanctions against those channels on which it puts your ads for the money.
Only in July-September RPL spent 12.9 billion UAH / photo UNIAN

In the third quarter of 2018, the Radical party of Oleh Lyashko paid advertising on the channel “112” and NewsOne for the money received from the State budget of Ukraine. The party supports sanctions against these channels.

It is reported by the Committee of voters of Ukraine.

During July-September, the party spent on advertising on television 3 million. Of them 900 thousand hryvnias of budgetary funds at the end of August got the TV channel “112 Ukraine”. 900 thousand received LTD “news 24” for the “placement of informational videos in the TV channel” NewsOne.

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Despite this, in October, the majority of people’s deputies of Radical party – 16 politicians, including Oleg Lyashko – supported sanctions against the “112 Ukraine” and NewsOne. Formal channels suspected of using “discursive practices of Russian Imperial-chauvinistic propaganda”.

“On the one hand, the Radical party supports sanctions against 112 of the channel and NewsOne, accusing them of Russian propaganda. On the other hand, a month before the vote in Parliament lists these channels significant amounts of funds for the placement of commercials that looks, to put it mildly, illogical. When it comes to the expenditure of state funds received by the party from the budget”, – said the Chairman of the CVU Alexey Purse.

Only in July-September RPL spent 12.9 billion UAH. A third of the funds – 4.8 million – the party sent to advertising (3 million – on advertising on TV and 1.5 million on print media). In this case, from 12.9 million in expenses, only 87 thousand hryvnia were own means of the party. The rest – the money from the state budget, said Qiu.

As UNIAN reported earlier, according to the survey, for Oleg Lyashko will not vote in any case about a quarter of voters.