Rada approved the combating unfair advertising

KIEV. 23 Nov. UNN. The Parliament adopted in first reading the draft law 8515, which aims to fight against unfair advertising, the correspondent of UNN.

The decision was supported by 231 MPs.

In particular, the Parliament approved the draft law 8515 on amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine regarding harmonization of legislation in the field of comparative advertising with European Union law.

The explanatory Memorandum States that the purpose of the bill is the harmonization of national legislation in the field of comparative advertising with European Union law and the definition of legislative conditions for the use of comparative advertising.

“The detailing of signs are prohibited unfair business practices will contribute to the protection of the economic interests of honest entrepreneurs,” the authors of the bill.

According to the explanatory Memorandum and amendments to some legislative acts, in comparative advertising that contains comparisons with other persons or products or activities of another person is prohibited to bring claims, discriminate against persons who do not use the advertised goods;

In addition, it is proposed to provide information containing specific legislation on the protection of the rights of consumers signs of unfair business practice and consumers are not misled or signs of unfair competition as defined by the legislation on protection against unfair competition.