Racer Michael Schumacher is not confined to bed.Michael Schumacher/Photo Medialeaks

Family rider continues expensive treatment

17.12.18 418010

German racing driver, seven-time world champion in the class “Formula-1” Michael Schumacher, who continues to recover from a severe head injury, no longer bedridden, the magazine writes Daily Mail.

It is noted that the athlete is breathing on his own, but he needs special care and medical assistance.

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In addition, the family of the former racer continues expensive treatment. Weekly health services Schumacher his family spend about 50 thousand pounds (about 1 million 760 thousand UAH).

The newspaper also reports that Michael lives with his family in the main part of the house and not in the Annex which, according to some reports, has been made into a hospital room.

Note, in December 2013, Schumacher fell while skiing in the area of the Alpine resort of Meribel and received a traumatic brain injury. Lapsed into a coma the rider was hospitalized in the hospital of Grenoble, where he underwent several operations. Since September 2014 he is recovering in a Villa on lake Geneva.