In Odessa region the baby died from SARSPhoto:

Parents for help was not sought

17.12.18 46000

In Ovidiopolsky district of Odessa region last week (10-16 December) recorded death from acute respiratory viral infection.

About it reports the Odessa regional laboratories center MOH Ukraine.

As noted, the child died at the age of less than one year. Parents for help was not sought.

“Last week in Ovidiopolsky area was fatal case of acute respiratory infections at home, laboratory confirmed as coronavirus, child up to 1 year, for medical care not addressed,” the statement reads.

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It is also noted that in the last week the overall index of influenza and SARS in the region, compared with the previous, increased by 5.4%, including among children – by 3.2%, among the adult population, by 12.1%. Intensive HIV incidence 562,0 and exceeded the epidemic threshold by 1.8% (the epidemic threshold 552,1).

The rate of hospitalization of patients increased by 5.6% in hospitals hospitalized patients 321 vs 304 for the previous week, accounting for 2.4% of the total number of cases, including children – 260.

Recall, the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman said that the first time in seven years Ukraine provided all vaccines included in national immunization schedule. Previously, Mr. Suprun said that Ukraine has all the vaccines specified in the National immunization schedule.