Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with health professionals via videoconference, noted the importance of implementation of digitization in the system of primary health care.

  • RIA Novosti

The head of state stressed that Russia will do much to improve the efficiency and reliability of the entire system of health care.

“Must substantially improve the state of primary care, FAPs (feldsher-midwife points. — RT), clinics and hospitals, ambulance services and emergency medical care to strengthen their staffing in order to increase the availability of modern diagnosis of diseases and, of course, to provide a wide digitalization, the use of artificial intelligence technologies in work of medical institutions at all levels,” Putin said.

He also added that such work should not be carried out in individual organizations or communities, and throughout Russia in order to ensure quality medical care and modern working conditions for health workers.

Earlier, Putin expressed hope for the imminent appearance of vaccines against coronavirus infection COVID-19.

He also thanked doctors for their work in the period of a pandemic and instructed them to keep all doplaty for another two months.