Russia with a high degree of probability will appear the means of dealing with hypersonic weapons, when such weapons will receive other leading countries of the world. About this Russian President Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Andrew Kondrashova in the program “Vesti Nedeli”.

  • RIA Novosti

“It will appear. But I think that we will be able to surprise our partners that when they have these weapons will appear, with high probability we will have a means of combating these weapons” — quoted the head of state “News”.

Currently, to counter hypersonic missiles, no one can, Putin added: “Speed is such that to take them is impossible.”

“That’s the uniqueness of our current situation. I repeat: with high probability we have a means of dealing with hypersonic weapons will appear by the time when the leading countries of the world will appear that the hypersonic weapons,” — said Putin.

Earlier, the Russian leader pledged to continue to equip all types and kinds of troops with advanced weapons and equipment, including laser and hypersonic systems.

In December 2019 Putin noted that Russia is ahead of other countries in terms of development of advanced weapons — no one else in the world of hypersonic weapons.