Robot walkers are very nimble and agile – they are able, for example, to climb ladders. At the same time, their wheeled counterparts, faster and less complicated. New robot Ascento took the best from both classes – he had two powerful legs with a wheel on each.

Ascento developed at the Polytechnic Institute ETH in Zurich. On flat surfaces it moves through the wheels, thus independently maintaining a balance. Having met an obstacle, e.g. a step – Ascento is grouped and jumps forward and upward with a pair of spring-loaded legs. So he can climb any ladder, one step at a time.

In addition to conquering the stairs, legs give Ascento able to stand upright on an uneven surface. This is because the legs bend independently – this allows him all the time to maintain your body at the same level. This ability also helps him keep balance when hit in the side.

Ascento can be managed remotely, but you can send in independent travel. The robot uses its cameras and sensors to navigate in space. Ascento weighs 10,4 kg, can accelerate to a very respectable 8 km/h and jump up to 0.4 meters. Battery charge him enough for one and a half hours.

Source — ETH Zurich