In the official Instagtam Kensington Palace on the occasion of the first serious anniversary of the girls appeared a few bright photos with the baby. Traditionally, many photos made, Charlotte’s mother, Kate Middleton.

The photo captured the little Princess when she’s in the charity event helped volunteers distribute clothes and food to single pensioners.

From childhood Middleton and Prince William teach children to philanthropy, noting that it is important to do good deeds regardless of social status and the availability of money.

Kate Middleton and Prince William got married 9 years ago. The Princess Charlotte has an older brother, George Jr. married Louis, born in 2018.

Sources report that Charlotte is a favorite of his grandmother. Touching the Queen communicates with her granddaughter, and netizens have already noted that the girl grows up a copy of Elizabeth.

Recall Charlotte and two of her brothers have previously recorded a video for doctors, which helps to fight coronavirus. Royal heirs moved the staff Network where physicians were thanked with applause for their work.

It was also reported about “strange occupations” Charlotte and her brothers. They grow up not spoiled, and one day the parents took the heirs to the farm, where they had to attend the birth in sheep.