Ukrainian politicians are Champions in Europe for the costs associated with the elections, said the head of the Committee of voters of Ukraine.
Formally, the election campaign has not yet begun / photo Unintendedly the President of Ukraine has spent hundreds of millions of UAH for political advertising.

About it on air of TV channel “Direct” Chairman of the Committee of voters of Ukraine Oleksiy Koshel.

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“We were talking about is very small by Ukrainian standards costs and pointed out that over the past four months all potential candidates spent only on the Burgundy is about 10 million UAH, but if we talk about television commercials, the surveys we conducted, I did not see such figures, but I am sure that you can safely add one zero, perhaps the figure is much higher”, – he said.

Purse noted that this is a huge problem that a number of politicians have publicly condemned political advertising.

“Moreover, policies that actively advertised that they were the authors of the bill to ban political advertising. Thus, they contradict themselves. The dominance of advertising is a problem. We are Champions in Europe for the costs associated with the elections. For example, to the Ukrainian parties, the Ukrainian candidates, two, three, sometimes even four times more than our Western neighbors. If you compare with Poland, it is 2 and a half times as large expenditures,” said Koshel.