State Duma Deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov has proposed to extend the mortgage at a rate of 6.5% on the secondary housing market in cities with insufficient amounts of buildings. A copy of the letter the MP to the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov has RT.

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  • RIA Novosti

In his address, the legislator recalled that the government adopted the decision to launch the program of preferential crediting at a rate of 6.5% for the purchase of apartments in new buildings.

However, as noted Fedorov, in many localities where the citizens need improvement of living conditions, lack the necessary volumes of construction of new housing.

“In this regard, I ask You to consider the possibility of extending the program of preferential mortgage at 6.5% on the secondary housing market”, — said in the text of the appeal.

He added that to use a preferential rate on the secondary could be in all settlements except the three cities of Federal importance and other cities, which in accordance with the criteria and plans of the Ministry and also with the provisions of the national project “Housing and the urban environment” there are sufficient volumes of new buildings.

Earlier, the Russian government approved the program of preferential mortgage at a rate of 6.5% per annum.

According to the innovation, until November 1, 2020 the Russians when buying a new home should be provided with mortgage loans at a specified rate up to 3 million rubles, and in Moscow, Moscow suburbs, St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region — up to 8 million rubles.