Small portable power generator HydraCell Power Cube is able to provide power supply “snap”. All you need to do is to pour in the body slightly salty water. The generator includes several fixed charging plate in the presence of an electrolyte (salt water) is able to produce electricity. The device can not boast a lot of power but is suitable for such needs as charging cell or local lighting.

Here are some options and features of the HydraCell:

  • Instantly produces electricity, immediately after adding salt water;
  • Able to charge 5 to 10 phones on one set of the charging plates;
  • Provides from 50 (at high illumination) to 100 (in low light mode) hours lamp on a single set of interchangeable charging plates;
  • HydraCell Cube eco-friendly – waste is completely biodegradable;
  • Case HydraCell made from recycled plastic,

HydraCell useful in emergency situations, such as when the substation is once again the accident and the house was left without light. Or on vacation away from civilization. Whatever the situation and place where you may need electricity, the main thing is to have water and a little salt.

HydraCell is already available for purchase on Kickstarter for the price of 54 dollars.

Source — Kickstarter