Poroshenko is happy to work as an advertising agent of positive change

The President said that the Ukrainian informale focused on the negative


President Petro Poroshenko has criticized the media, which are very reluctant to write about the positive changes in the country.

The head of state said at the regional development Council in Kiev, according to the Facebook page of the President.

“As Ukrainian proverb says: “You give them the Trident over the Kremlin put – they will say that the curve is”. Media and here find the reason for sadness: and the road curves, and bridges short, and theaters in the historic landscape it does not fit, and repairs to walk in the way, and the plants are not producing, the soup not boil. Been criticized for, well, the President, the Prime Minister, the government is cutting ribbons is not that is not on the scale, and sometimes, just imagine, and on local sites. Of course, the cooler it would be to build a spaceport for interstellar travel, not a plant for the production of packaging”, – said Poroshenko.

According to him, Ukraine is now making the first and very important steps after a severe economic crisis resulting from the war in the Donbass.

“The rehabilitation of roads this year became a national project, despite the fact that began in 2015-m to year. Roads in the country will continue to build. Recovery ways is a symbol of Ukraine, while we will not regulate the entire network of highways,” – said the head of state.

“Our information field, unfortunately, a bit focused on the negative. Sometimes, to make positive the event was announced on the red tape to be cut, a senior official, or it was just silent. And even I can’t always help. I want to give you an example: recently I was in one of the Western regions opened a large company, thousands and thousands of jobs. For the two Central channels was not interested. And I was told that they didn’t mention it in the story and found that, from the point of view of editors, it would be advertising. And the investor, which creates thousands of jobs, needs for this is to pay. Without it will not show. Well, it’s my pleasure to work with and a promoter and advertising agent of positive change,” said Petro Poroshenko.

Recall that the Focus is to understand, why Ukrainians do not see a clear alternative to the current government.