Video Police have arrested the killers of lawyer in Kharkiv

Criminals were two repeat offenders


Police detained two suspects in the murder of lawyer committed committed in December 2016 in the Kharkiv region. About it reports a press-service of the regional Department of the National police.

The investigation found that the murder was committed by two offenders: the 27-year-old resident of the village of Rus’ki Tyshky one of the district centers of Kharkiv and 29-year-old resident of the Dnieper region.

“As has established a consequence, the men decided to take over the property female lawyer and worked for the implementation of the criminal intentions of the detailed plan. In the evening of 22 December 2016 they arrived in the village of Tsyrkuny and to the designated place and waited for the victim. When the woman left the office, 29-year-old thief attacked her in the yard and began to confiscate private property. At this time another attacker watched the street”, – stated in the message.

After the woman began screaming, the attacker stabbed her multiple stab wounds. When the victim lost consciousness, he ripped the jewelry, he took the phone, purse and my car keys. After driving near the scene of the crime, the thieves searched the car of the victim, have not found anything valuable and left the car.

After committing the crime accomplices divided the spoils – about 10 thousand UAH and gold jewelry and mobile phone decided to put in pawn in the city of Nikopol.