Canada imposed sanctions against 30 Russian citizens

In addition, the sanctions imposed against the citizens of Venezuela and South Sudan


Foreign Affairs Canada in connection with the Magnitsky act introduced sanctions against 30 Russian citizens. This is stated in the message on the Agency’s website, reports European truth.

Restrictive measures are imposed in connection with the recently adopted law on victims of corrupt foreign governments or “Law name of Sergei Magnitsky”, which is the canadian version of American “Act on the rule of law and accountability name of Sergei Magnitsky”.

Penalties apply to persons who, in the opinion of the government of Canada, are responsible or involved in gross violations of human rights or serious corruption.

All of the canadian assets included in the sanctions list of persons will be frozen, and to enter Canada they will be closed.

The sanctions were imposed, including in respect of the Chairman of the investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Alexander Bastrykin.

In addition, the sanctions imposed against the citizens of Venezuela and South Sudan. Just a list of 52 people.

We will remind, the law “On victims of corrupt foreign officials”, which is also called the “Magnitsky act”, came into force in Canada on 19 October 2017.

The law provides for the freezing of assets and ban on entry into the country to persons whom the government of Canada has been implicated in human rights violations and corruption offences.

During the hearings in the canadian Parliament said that the “Magnitsky act” primarily touches of officials from Russia, Venezuela, Iran, Vietnam and Myanmar.