Pole from the government BONDS, made a statement regarding the controversial competition “intercity”

KIEV. May 18. UNN. The competition to determine the provider of food for the passengers “intercity” was conducted by the Branch UZHSK, and although the auction took place, the process is not over. Our main goal is to take in partners of UZ a serious company. About this UNN, commenting on the controversial outcome of the auction and won it to nobody the known company “Grined”, said a member of the Board of UZ, pole Marcin Celejewski.

“First and foremost, everything should be transparent and open. In order not to make mistakes that were already made last year in December. From a legal point of view the company (“Grined”) no questions asked. They have all supported documents. But, it is not a tender and is a profitable part of our business and we want to partner with good, quality product it to be profitable for ME”, he said.

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When asked about the fact that the documents provided “Grined” we have not confirmed the presence of her experience, because during the quarantine and with the leave of all employees, the company could not provide catering services, Celejewski said: “I Emphasize that the process is not complete. We’re still going to consider.”

He said that to ME “there are groups on quality, financial conditions, there is a group that will be doing the audit”. All of them, he said, will be used to determine the ultimate winner of the contest.

In addition, in a controversial selection process which has culminated in the suspension of the management UZHSK, Zelewski found positive aspects.

“In this competition, which was last year, we had only 2 participants, this is 9 good companies. The auction can be viewed online. We don’t close. And all bugs — will take into account,” he added.

We will remind as wrote UNN, may 14, an auction was held to select a contractor that needs to feed millions of passengers “intercity” and “intercity +”.

The company “Grined” offered at auction monthly remuneration UZHSK 4 million 25 thousand UAH, which is only 25 thousand UAH more than the nearest competitor. Thus, to nobody known firm with no experience and with offshore roots “bypassed” giants such as “Sokar”, “Vogue” and even “daughter” of the well-known Austrian company “do & Co”.

In addition, as found by UNN, “Grined” has a connection with the winners of the tenders of the airport “Borispol”, which took place during the work there Vyacheslav Gorbatko. Now this person has been UZHSK and was a member of the competitive Commission on selection of supplier power IC.

Today in the us has already officially declared that the result of the auction may 14 — cancelled victory “Grined” — canceled and the user UZHSK responsible for the conduct of the contest (second in a row failed) – removed.