Statistics before today’s meeting was for CSKA. Scary to imagine, but the last time the “Tractor” scored CSKA January 7, 2014 (3:1). Goalless series length in three years — this is serious. But every series ends sooner or later. The only question is how soon.

The team decided not to force things and not rushed from the start, exposing the stick at the wrong gate. Strict positional attack, the eye on defense, that’s been the hallmark of the first period. The bombshell came at the 24th minute. The kugryshev from behind the gate wanted to shoot on the slot, the puck became entangled in the gear of Franzosa and treacherously crawled over the line (0:1). Just two minutes later Kruchinin, inspired by the recent birth of his son and challenge the Russian team at the tournament, easily beat Sorokin one zero (1:1). Thus, the goalless series ended. Mutual cold shower allowed the game to get a more attacking nature. In the 35th minute Petrov in most throw in a touch brought CSKA forward (1:2).

“Tractor” in this season has repeatedly shown its character. The third period was the epitome of this . on 44 minutes, Segura has closed the transfer Kruchinina and equalized (2:2). Almost immediately the priests due to the incoherent actions of the defender owners Shinin scored the third goal (2:3). Play catch-up — first flight of Chelyabinsk has built another of his goal. Scored Segura after seeing a pass Yakutseni (3:3). This time the scenario has changed dramatically and the next goal was again scored by the home team. Acucena earned another point for an assist, allowing Novotny to break Sorokina in the majority (4:3). Thus, to the delight of the stands, came to an end not only bezgolevoy, but winless in black and white.

“Today we had your not the best match. Our team to realize themselves, need to work more. We do not have enough” — said at the post-match press conference, CSKA head coach Dmitry Kvartalnov.

“We have a calendar that you are playing with leaders. It was very important to cope psychologically, because the defeat cut the ground from under my feet. In previous games it was obvious. Very glad that today was able to deal with it. Played strict, disciplined, reliable in defense. Was able to create some good chances and convert them,” said head coach of “Tractor” Anvar Gatiatulin.

“The tractor” (Chelyabinsk) — CSKA (Moscow) 4:3 (0:0, 1:2, 3:1)

Goals: the Kugryshev (Denisov, Nichushkin), 24.15 — 0:1, Kruchinin (Acucena, Francos), 26.13 — 1:1, Jones (Popov, Da Costa), 35.19 — 1:2 GB, Segura (Koltsov, Kruchinin), 44.10 — 2:2, the priests (Petrov, Da Costa), 45.30 — 2:3, Segura (Acucena), 46.25 — 3:3, Novotny (Acucena) , 56.24 — 4:3 GB.

Goalkeepers: Francos — Sorokin

Author: Chasovskih Igor (“Lightning Sport”)

Photo: Janna Bugaeva