28 Dec 2016. On this day “Spartak” has won the last victory, beating “Sochi” (4:1). 5 meetings without a win and the game highly motivated, “Tractor”, marking the 70th anniversary of the club with a series of retro games, the first two of which were lost on the shootout.

In the first period the goalkeeper Bespalov had to work hard for the glory. Permanent attack of black and white kept me plenty busy throughout the period and resulted in a goal on 17 minutes. Novotny after a successful rebound finished off the puck into the goal (1:0).

The break went in favor of “Spartak”, in the 25th minute of the Radios brilliant flick equalized (1:1). “Tractor” meanwhile, instantly recovered, and after two minutes Belov perfectly under the crossbar (2:1). Then in the 31st minute pen in a similar style reinforced the benefit of the owners of the site (3:1).

The hope of salvation and the first points scored in the new year “red and white” gave Tolpeko who have distinguished themselves in the unequal composition in the 46th minute (3:2). Spectacular positional attack, the output of the sixth field player, the final assault. All this did not help . Another defeat of the Moscow club and the first victory for Chelyabinsk citizens in the retro series.

The following match “the Tractor” will spend on January 17 at home against the Yekaterinburg “Motorist”. “Spartak” will battle to the same day in Moscow with the “Slovan”.

“We had a lot of deletions. In the third period, played in three of three attacks, trying to pull the match, but failed”, – said at the postgame press conference, acting head coach of “Spartacus” Alexey Yarochkin.

“Of course, after the defeats, the confidence disappears. It was today seen on the game. It seems to work fine, had chances but could not realize, and was visible nervousness because of this. We are very pleased to have won. For us, this victory was needed. I would like to thank our fans for their support”, – said coach of “Tractor” Anvar Gatiatulin.

“The TRACTOR” (Chelyabinsk) — “SPARTAK” (Moscow) 3:2 (1:0, 2:1, 0:1)

Goals: Novotny (Borodkin, Acucena), 17.42 — 1:0, Radios (Stapleton, Stoa), 25.04 — 1:1, Belov (Shinin), 26.54 — 2:1, Penkovsky, 31.57 — 3:1, Tolpeko (Potapov, Shmelev), 46.54 — 3:2 GB.

Goalkeepers: Francos — Bespalov

Author: Chasovskih Igor (“Lightning Sport”)

Photo: Janna Bugaeva