Kremlin propagandists from time to time raise a howl about the “torture” on captured APU members of illegal armed groups of fighters of “DNR” and “LNR”, but it is not called none of the names of the tortured.

But the names of Ukrainians who were detained by Russian terrorists and zapytany them to death, known, transfers “Диалог.UA”.

The blogger with the nickname Winston Churchill said in his Twitter about one of them – Peter Policiaca party of defense of Donetsk airport.

Ukrainian military who are in captivity, was killed by Kadyrov’s men. The blogger posted his photo with a call to remember the eyes of this guy, if there is a desire to forgive Russia, again go to the “fraternal peoples” or to “one people.” This after the Crimea and the Donbas can never be.

Thousands of dead soldiers and civilians, destroyed many houses and other buildings, more than one million internally displaced persons, wandering for the fifth and sixth year. All this does not “pull” on occasion “to understand and forgive”.

Perhaps this will happen in some form, but only after the “deputization” of Russia by analogy with the denazification of Germany, which became a mandatory condition of her return to the world community rukopozhatnom status.

But whatever it is, when, in fact, the armed invasion of Ukraine and seizure of territory, an unpleasant aftertaste in the relations between Ukraine and Russia will remain. Have to stay.

As inoculation for Russia against the Imperial virus, against all sorts of “Russia’s interests – from the Kuril Islands and to Odessa.”

And position “to forget all and again to embrace” categorically unacceptable to sensible Ukrainians who want their country of goodness and peace.

Yes, the constant “chill” in relations with Russia – a guarantee of peace for Ukraine.

There can be no close relationship with the country in which you live, the Imperials, and Kadyrov’s people who think everyone who is not Russian, “second grade”.

What is better than fascism? Nothing! And should be eradicated likewise.

Recall the powerful photo that conquered the Internet: captured Ukrainian sailor, boldly looks into the eyes of the invader and the traitor.