A terrible accident happened a few hours ago today March 30. A group of national guard soldiers have made foot patrols of the city on the eve of elections, was shot down off the sidewalk driver-“eurobachelor”.

As a result of collision died on the spot 23-year-old national guardsman, two of his co-worker with severe injuries were hospitalized, reports “Диалог.UA”.

The head of the National police Sergey Knyazev in Facebook wrote that the passengers of the car also injured, the driver was detained.

In turn, the head of the patrol police Department Eugene Zhukov wrote that the national guardsman was injured, incompatible with life. The deceased’s name was Vitaly Florea.

Eyewitnesses said that “eurobroker” tried to slip on “red”, but flew into another car, and his shot rejected on a passing national guard.

“You guys patrolled the streets. Accident, leaving the machine on the sidewalk.Foot patrol of the National guard! Guys guarded the city! Just want to remind You what is our peace, in peace. Remember and appreciate you guys!” – stated in the message.

Recall that in the accident killed the famous Ukrainian champion Vlasenko.

It was also reported about the shocking fatal accident on Donbass.