Paulo Fonseca. Photo:

Head coach of “Shakhtar” Paulo Fonseca spoke about the output of the command in the Ukrainian Cup final.

– As we expected, the match was difficult. By studying the opponent, convinced that it is a good, organized team.

Great respect for the coach, “Dnipro-1”: the team really has the desire to play what is seen. At the same time, we are almost always attacked.

Perhaps we missed several recent decisions, however, we were close to the goal and fully controlled our defense.

The first goal was scored almost at the end, but it is fully deserved. Again, we faced a difficult opponent, whom I respect a lot. No doubt, if the “Dnepr-1” were in the Premier League, he’d be fighting for a place in the top six. Well, that next year they will already be in the Premier League.

It is also great when people come to the stadium and see a magnificent sight. Today was exactly a lot of fans. If the “Dnepr-1” will be released in the Premier League, I will be very happy.

– Most part of the game your team played on horseback, many were.

We not only played top. Long ball – when the Keeper the ball is addressed once in the first line of attack. We are constantly trying to break open the opponent’s defense. “Dnepr-1” is working well in defence, closes the middle, it is very compact. With such opponents it is important to find depth. Sometimes we go out, sometimes not, but the important thing is that we did it.

– A good replacement become the deciding factor?

– Of course we are very pleased Gol Dentinho. And replacements are always made in order to improve the game. Thank God, today they are really working. Dentinho scored the first goal, we can say that it was a decisive moment. However, guys know that regardless of how many minutes they have (one, ten, or fifteen), you need to give your maximum. Competition in Shakhtar is high, and it is important to use the opportunities that are there.

– Comment action 17-year-old Arseniy Batagova in the middle of the field. He has the least experience at this level.

– First of all I want to congratulate head coach of the opponent, because it takes great courage to put 17-year-old against Shakhtar. It is clear that today “Dnepr-1” most of the time was devoted to defense. Not so easy to estimate, but based on what I saw, he had a good match as the whole team.

– How difficult was it without three leaders – Marlos, Moraes and Kovalenko?

– During the season it happened. Such problems give the opportunity to play others. We have a lot of young guys who are in the process of training to be at Shakhtar. Marcos Antonio first appeared in the starting lineup. Yes, absent players are important, but we shouldn’t be upset or cry.

Cannot work alone – must play the other. Get a chance to evaluate the youth.

– To this day, have you heard of “Ingulec”? What you know about your opponent?

– Yes, have heard good. I have had the opportunity to see a part of their game. Of course, no one would have thought that “Dawn” will not be in the final. I saw a very solidary team, which struggled. This once again proved that before the match there is no winner. Respect “Ingulets”. Ahead of the finals, and we must tune in to the fight, where the enemy will do anything to win.

With Stepanenko? What is the prognosis for the return of Kovalenko and whether it will be ready for the match with Dynamo?

– I think that Kovalenko can be restored. According to Stepanenko we now only rate the situation requires a couple of days. It is still unknown.

And in the semi-finals and finals play with First division club. This indicates a weak level of the Premier League?

– Listen, Cup in Ukraine, as in other countries, is full of surprises. Sometimes we are watching with interest for England or France, where the representatives of the second division reach the final. It’s the playoffs, they can happen. The team used the opportunity.

Look at the “Dnepr-1”: they are not just here and with the score 2:0 beat “Vorskla”. For me it is not a representative of the First League is the Premier League level. Again, the Cup is full of surprises. And we in any case should not underestimate the achievements of the teams from the second division who are fighting and reach the finals.