Autocephaly for the Ukrainian arquitetura Cyril Bartholomew wrote a letter, Recalling the last judgmentPhoto: KP

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church urges Bartholomew to “back off from communion with schismatics”

31.12.18 7000

Judgment recalled in a letter to Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill (Gundyaev). Threats from the Russian Orthodox Church are associated with the provision soon Thomas for Ukraine. The message was posted on Monday, December 31 on the website of the ROC.

“Reunion of the schismatics with the Church would be a great joy for the Orthodox of Ukraine… But the current politicized process far from the norms and the spirit of the Holy canons. He is accompanied by a terrible pack of lies, and now the violence against the present Ukrainian Orthodox Church,” the letter reads.

The head of the Russian Orthodox Church urges Bartholomew to “back off from communion with schismatics” and to refuse to participate in “political gamble their legalization”.

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In that case, if Patriarch Bartholomew refuses to fulfill his request, according to Patriarch Kirill, it is waiting for judgment.

“You will forever lose the opportunity to serve the unity of the Holy churches of God, will cease to be the First in the Orthodox world, with hundreds of millions of believers and caused You suffering Orthodox Ukrainians will follow You to judgment impartial of our Lord will testify against You in front of Him,” he threatened the head of the ROC.

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By the way, recently Patriarch Kirill has sent an address to the heads of the world churches, the General secretaries of the UN and the OSCE, the heads of France and Germany about the violation of the rights of the bishops and faithful of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

We will remind that on December 15 the Unification Cathedral in Kiev was elected major of a local Church former Metropolitan of the UOC-KP Epiphany (Dumenko). In the Russian Orthodox Church called “canonically null and void” held in Kiev Unification Council, which was elected the new head of the Ukrainian Church.

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew has invited the newly elected Primate of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine, Metropolitan of Kiev and all Ukraine, the Epiphany to the presentation of the Tomos in Istanbul January 6, 2019.