Pandemic COVID-19: the weakening of the disease in Italy – nearly 200 thousand patients and 27 thousand dead

KIEV. April 27. UNN. The number of deaths in Italy over the past day from the disease amounted to 333 people. Since the beginning of the flash died almost 27 thousand people, said Monday the head of the Department of civil protection, Angelo Borrelli, said UNN with reference to the newspaper Corriere della Sera, as well as data from the Ministry of health of Italy.

The total number of those infected with the coronavirus, as of April 27 reached almost 200 thousand people, for the last day recorded 2 239 new cases of the disease, fixing the reduction of the prevalence COVID-19 in the country for a long period of time.

Since the beginning of the epidemic died 26 977 people (including days recorded 333 death, this figure has dropped compared to previous days), cured for all time 66 624 persons again more the number of infections in the intensive care are in the 1 956 people, the number for the first time reached the level of less than 2000 people and decreases for the fourth consecutive week.

For example, on April 25 it was reported about death, 415.

Add Italian authorities have announced plans for a gradual recovery of the country after the quarantine, which “created a serious burden for the third largest Eurozone economy”, local media reported, citing Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte. The planned activities will be implemented from 4 may.

Lifting the quarantine will not be as fast as predicted so far.

Among the indulgences, earn 4 may — resolution on a single Jogging on the street, not more than an hour a day. Now it is a penalty.

Young people up to 18 years will allow visiting relatives assuming the use of masks and gloves (currently allowed only if extremely necessary). It is expected to be allowed to play with children outdoors.

May 4 should make new rules for the use of public transport in Italy: the entrance to the subway will be allowed only after the temperature screening. In transport, including buses, will be to go just sitting, and at a distance from each other. At the stations you can expect the transport only at a distance of not less than a meter from each other.

Note that the Prime Minister of Italy, Giuseppe Conte spread restrictive measures that were previously introduced in several regions throughout the country. They operated from March 10. The decree was published on the website of the government of Italy.

Movement in the country was allowed only for work, treatment and emergencies. Schools and universities closed as well as museums, entertainment venues and sports clubs. Mass gatherings, including weddings and funerals, is prohibited. Sporting events are to be canceled, or spend without spectators. People with a temperature above 37.5°C should stay home and minimize contact with others.

Subsequently, Conte in his address to the nation on 11 March announced the introduction of new restrictive measures due to the spread of coronavirus infection. The statement of Conte was broadcast in Facebook.

The Italian Prime Minister appeal to the nation, March 11, 2020:

Throughout Italy closed most of the shops. Exceptions are made only for those who sell Essentials like food and medicine. Newspaper and tobacco kiosks will also work. In addition, transportation, financial and industrial institutions will continue to work.

Pubs, bars and restaurants will be closed for the entire day. While companies could continue to operate, delivering the goods at home.

“To manage means to have a vision of 360 degrees, said Conte in his address. — The challenge — now we already know well — the health of the citizens. It is a challenge that exposes the hard test of our health system. But it is also related to our economy, our manufacturing network of small and medium enterprises. In the solutions, which I still took, I took into account, together with all the Ministers of all the interests, all the factors. I made a deal with his conscience. In the first place is and always will be the health of the Italians.”

The situation in Venice:

Italian military conduct disinfection of premises: