Pandemic coronavirus: the number of infected COVID-19 growing up – more than 4,200 patients, 120 people died

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KIEV. March 13. UNN. Spain have confirmed more than 1,200 new cases of coronavirus, the total number of infected is 4209 people, writes UNN with reference to the material edition of El Pais .

The number of deaths due COVID-19 increased from 84 to 120 for the last day. More than half of infected and lethal cases were recorded in Madrid and its suburbs.

The regional government of Madrid decided to close Saturday all stores except pharmacies and supermarkets.

The Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sanchez today issued a statement to the nation and declared a state of emergency. Among the events planned restrictions on the movement of people and vehicles.

A state of emergency can also be used as a legal tool to delay elections in the Basque Country and Catalonia, which are Autonomous territories within the Kingdom of Spain.

The appeal of the Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez to the nation:

For its part, several regional governments of Spain have blamed the Madrid to irresponsible attitude to quarantine. In particular, according to the publication El Pais, Fernando lópez Miras, head of the regional government, said that through the attitude of the inhabitants of the Spanish capital in a quarantine — like “to leave on the beach”, was forced to impose restrictions along a number of coastal cities and limit more than 370 thousand inhabitants of the region to travel.

The situation on the streets of Catalonia:

Roadblocks due to quarantine on the roads of Spain: