A chimpanzee from a zoo in the Chinese city of Chongqing have learned to wash clothes, watching the actions of the matron.

18-year-old chimpanzee named Yuhui seen as his caretaker washes in the pelvis clothes, and with interest observed the process. The woman was curious, that will make the monkey, if you leave it in the aviary, soap, toothbrush and t-shirt. This writes the online edition of the Tape.ru.

In the end, Yuhui half an hour is spent for washing white t-shirts. He rubbed the brush with soap and washed the t-shirt. When formed enough foam, he put in the water to rinse it.

Then he pressed it and put it on the edge of the boulder. Then the chimp repeated the process a few more times.

According to the matrons, she did not plan to teach the primacy of the wash, and conducted an experiment out of curiosity.