While some miss in forced isolation, others are working even more than usual. In the case of schools and universities to the task of training or work is added to the process and organization of online conferences where you have to gather all those involved and to eliminate the unnecessary. And then the user suddenly faced with a new and unpleasant phenomenon – the “thumbalina”.

The term comes from the name rapidly gained the popularity of the service for online conferences, Zoom and beloved in the United States of the joke “the bombing” when strangers walk in other people’s photos, videos, etc. In this case, the “jokers” are joined without asking a stranger to conferences and doing obscene things. So one Troll sang obscene songs on the online lesson for elementary school students, while another scoffed at the AA meeting, enjoying the live alcohol.

The main problem of tumbabiro in the absence of fundamental methods of protection against such attacks. The service itself Zoom was designed for the most simple connection to be able to quickly and easily collect hundreds of thousands of people. In fact, you only need to enter in the browser address https://zoom.us/j/xxxxxxxxx where xxxxxxxxx is a code specific to the conference. They are sent to the participants by the organizers – but no one bothers the trolls to dial numbers at random and misbehave, too.

So far, the only countermeasure using the mode “waiting room”, when the organizer can before the conference to filter manually. Experts have called this new cyber threat and vulnerability, after all, nothing prevents one Corporation to send a spy in the form of an inconspicuous clerk on the online conference another Corporation that just sat and collected confidential information. By the way, the U.S. attorneys has already made a statement that from the point of view of the right summoming is not a prank, but a crime, and if a precedent will be treated accordingly.