Gender BOCCALINI. Photo:

The new President of Palermo was a former broadcaster with the extravagant appearance.

In “Palermo” end of an era. President Maurizio Zamparini sold the club. He ruled the inhabitants of Sicily, since 2002, and during that time the head coach of the team has varied… 40 times! Given the returns of those who have already been fired, there are 29 specialists. This season, Palermo’s tight ass in the basement of the table Serie A team chances to escape from relegation is minimal.

In announcing its decision, the 75-year-old Zamperini, first, said that he will remain an adviser to the new leadership, because these new guidelines (the quote) “not a damn sense in football.” And second, announced that he sells the club to a certain Anglo-American Fund, which will invest in infrastructure. In particular, it will build a new stadium and rekonstruiruet base. But what exactly is the Foundation, until yesterday, was not advertised.

Now the details are revealed. 100 percent of the shares “Palermo” will belong to the Fund Integritas Capital. The transaction must be made before the end of April. “The ambition of the new owners hope to revive our winning tradition, out in the Europa League and even the Champions League!” – have you already promised, Zamparini.

But now the most interesting. Madcap, Zamperini remained true to himself. And chose the heirs of a very strange character. At least, outwardly.

Gender Boccalini – man with Italian roots (his mother is Italian), but American bred, born and raised in the United States. Returning to homeland, he graduated and became… a showman. Has broadcast on radio (RTL 102.5) and on TV (Italia 1 and MTV). With bulging eyes interviewed Leonardo Di Caprio. Engaged in overt clowning, posing as policy, the Chapter called “Lemon party”.

Looks Boccalini poorly fit in with the way the President of football club: his body across and is painted with tattoos. Of course, do not think that this guy is a punk for life. Earning a living from entertainment journalism, he received financial education. And achieved in this sphere successes.

Today Boccalini – member of the Board of Directors and financial Advisor International Foundation – large us Fund investing in humanitarian projects around the world. And Integritas Capital (which now belongs to the “Palermo”), the Fund created Boccalini together with partners from major American and British banks, has positioned itself as a “boutique investment decisions” and also collected customers in various parts of the world.

Philip PAPENKOV, Sport-Express