At the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union built at the Nikolaev aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” belonged to the Ukraine, however, Russian officers quickly sent him to Murmansk, in effect, stealing. However, what is happening inside the ship now, after the accident became public knowledge, and truly shocked the Internet.

The news that the “near Murmansk during the repair of “Admiral Kuznetsov” sank floating dock” was a suitable occasion to discuss the deplorable condition of not only fleet, but also other pride of Russia.

Among recent ones, even the whole missile industry, which Putin is very proud and loves to frighten her whole world.

Recently, however, space rockets often fall, and the advertised anti-aircraft s-300 missiles recently delivered to Syria, the Israeli air force did not pay much attention, writes the editionthe Snob“.

“Admiral Kuznetsov”, it seems, has finished his life, because during the incident, not only was seriously injured 4 people and 1 person was missing, but he received significant damage, and drowned made in Sweden in 1980, the only floating dock PD-50, capable of repairing large ships.

A hard life “Admiral Kuznetsov”, which the Navy usually affectionately known as the “Hugo” is pretty typical for the defense industry of Russia today, which is based on Soviet weapons.

Perhaps start with the fake names of “aircraft carrier”, which proudly styled “Kuzya” in the Russian media, although in reality it is the aircraft carrier. It was designed as a continuation of the prototype – verhaltnisse cruiser. Limitations of its design are visible in the photo, where the plane extends beyond the border of the Elevator platform “Kuzi”, is designed to lift the helicopter.

Photo of helicopter lifting platform “Admiral Kuznetsov”, which is used to lift planes from the hold onto the deck.

Western experts have called the aircraft carrier “Admiral Kuznetsov” the worst of all that ever took to the water. It was built in Nikolaev in 1985, originally gave it the name “Tbilisi”. It was not commissioned until 1991, is modified, repaired, then modified again, and so on.

Its power plant in 1991, was not yet fully ready when he was forced to go on a long voyage, as commander of the ship decided to steal it from Ukraine, fleeing to Murmansk and leaving the greater part of the dissenters of the crew on shore in Nikolaev.

Thus Russia became a foster mother for “Kuzi”.

Further plight TAVKR “Admiral Kuznetsov” (the name given in Russia) demonstrates justice of the Russian folk proverb “stolen goods will not go to happiness.” Although it is possible that the ancestral karma, and pursuing his later troubles associated with the name of Soviet Admiral Nikolai Kuznetsov, which comrade. Stalin in 1947, betrayed the friendly court of honor in a donation “the admirals”. Then Navy commander Kuznetsov was removed from office and demoted.

TAVKR “Admiral Kuznetsov” is not assigned to a port and shipyard. That is this ship in a state of “sludge” and repair, which in Russia are called “deep modernization”, spends most of his life.

Infrequent trips involve major problems for the Russian sailors and others. The main problem of the “Kuzi” is the equipment and the boilers. In its boilers due to poor metal forever burn tube, which he constantly repaired. As fuel the ship uses fuel oil in large quantities, which has a large volume fuel tanks, and “feed” it has always been expensive.

So, the campaign in the Mediterranean sea 2016 cost the Russian budget of 10 billion rubles.

All the trips “Kuzi” accompanied not only by the black smoke, but also serious environmental pollution, because two thousand of the crew just simply missing the toilets, and all the waste products thrown off directly overboard.

That is why during the latest Mediterranean campaign, he was not accepted for resupply Spain and Malta who feared for their beaches and health of the guests. When the oil Kuze is almost over, the Russian “shock of the sea, the group” went adrift.

Europe alarmed as got stuck in the Mediterranean sea in a leaky tub of 2000 sailors, defecate in the open sea. Make “Hugo” for refueling fuel oil persuaded Morocco. And all because in the Navy there is a big Transporter that can deliver “Hugo” enough fuel, weapons, water and food. As there is now a large floating base, able to repair it.

Due to problems with the main power unit (geu) the ship is not only repeatedly lost speed and could not drive at full speed, but have also lost the aircraft. Because of the lack of speed and small size of the “Kuzi” the fighters are forced to fly light with empty tanks, without external weapons, using headwind, which may not be the right moment, causing the aircraft from time to time fall from the deck, as it was near Syria in 2016, two MiG-29K and su-33.

Similar problems exist and have sold to India aircraft carrier of the same series of “Admiral Gorshkov”, despite $ 2 billion spent by Indians on its repair.

According to official statistics TAVKR “Admiral Kuznetsov” was under repair during the following periods: 1992-1994, 1994-1995, 1996-1998, 2001-2004, 2008, 2009-2010, 2014-2016. That’s not counting the “current repairs” — only large-scale work.

That is over 20 years in the Navy, his pride was afloat no more than 5-6 years.

The rest of the time the ship tried to force not to drown after the first release in the sea. So, in 1996, during the Mediterranean campaign the ship went to Malta. Then, because of the failure of all steam boilers nearly smashed on the rocks. The memoirs of Admiral Selivanov, filed after this incident, resigned, ended up in the encyclopedia “Carriers”, published in Russia in 2013 (p. 262). In 1998, the cockpit fire was poured 60 tons of fuel oil, which poured “at the gas station”. 2000-2009 happened on 6 major fires that hit the media.

High accident rates and contribute to difficult conditions of service on this ship. This confirms an interesting story from the letter of a soldier who served for some time on “Hugo”. The story is given in an abbreviated form preserving the author’s style, although it is worth it to read it fully, as vividly depicts the hardships of military service in the Russian army at all.

“The checkpoint is a sailor of the military service, which performs the role of a watcher of a certain area (deck, ladder, etc.) under his superintendence. Dogging it is not a secret objects, and light bulbs, fire hoses, fire extinguishers, stands, bells loud fight, etc. And as a sailor can sleep, leave, finally, he can in the night to take away this wealth, is still a safety net. So, fire extinguishers and fire hoses may not be necessary to exhibit and do, you won’t find them on the ship. The only exception is the high-point shows, when the vehicle bypassed HIH with his entourage (commander, XO, etc.). Then exposed all that is, and roadblocks definitely double. An inquisitive reader may ask: what light bulb? After all, don’t take them down, or how to walk in complete darkness? I hasten to reassure: this problem has long been solved on a high ideological and technical level.

Light bulb: a) glued with epoxy resin; b) secure them with a wire, preferably barbed; C) sum up the current to the wire or the ceiling. All of this is used, usually in combination. And still, those damn bulbs are stealing…

You can walk along the light-flooded pure 3rd deck, but once you get down below, you find yourself in the catacombs with mangled posts, abandoned cabins, all without light, and very frequently flooded (sometimes sewage, so the smell of high quality).

Descend even lower, into the hold.

Everything is in the fuel oil and the water, and here and there piles of garbage (to carry it to the dock far away, and there allowed only at certain times, and tidy on the ship is always here and throw the garbage in the hold). Do you know how much we have oil and water in the holds? How much? 50 tons, you say? Sorry, it’s undignified. We’re the carrier, and not some gunboat. Then 500. Well, what an impressive read, 10 rail tank cars. Still incorrectly add a zero and it fits.

We declare with all responsibility that a second ship just yet. Now in the Northern fleet, all ships are divided into two groups: chassis , ie clean, tidy and ready to go to sea, but standing due to lack of fuel, and the ships sludge (now most of them). Kuznetsov is the only hybrid, running sucks.

Pay special attention to the conditions of habitability of the crew. The first thing to note is the lack on the ship of heating that you will agree, for the North is important. The reasons are many, but perhaps the main is the lack of a permanent auxiliary boiler. So steam for household needs is taken from the powerplant, which is very expensive because it requires not regular, and special boiler water, which in the Navy is always a little… And then everything in the textbook of physics: condensation turns to ice, ice expands, the pipe bursts. In the result, no heating, no heat, sometimes frost bulkheads and on the deck the ice. The crew even in the hangar is being built in uniforms. If the cockpit or cabin +5, then it is good, and if +12-15 it is, sorry, gentility!

In such circumstances, save only heating pads. Since buying them is expensive, and to get the ship hard, molded them in his own way. The administration was withholding non-standard equipment, while the owners receive awards. But the cold is not my aunt, and the series of dreams about the individual power of the sun do not fade. Burning is most likely not heating pads, and transformers lighting network. They simply are not designed for the loads that give hung on for heating pads. As a result, the voltage is always much lower… Adds fuel to the fire and the lack in cabins a network 220 In (it is just useless To 127), so everyone is trying to get my 220 V. Conjure in different ways: someone throws phase from 380 V, adds another phase To 127, the third kilometer pulls the wires from the rare shields on 220 V. And this, in turn, contributes to numerous closures.

But the cold is terrible not only for this.

They permeated the whole ship life. Because it freezes not only the condensate, the same thing happens with other pipes, in which there is water. For this reason, in all cabins 2nd deck (almost 60% of all of the cabin) water is not supplied neither winter nor summer.

None of the officers ‘ shower was not working.

Therefore, the slogan of equality and fraternity here is especially applicable, all sailors and officers in the nasal wash (feed not working) the bath personnel. Of course, this does not apply to the command they have their own shower. Water is not all galleys. Common in winter was the lack of runoff from the cabins. Accordingly, it is hard on the ship and latrines. More than fifty, but a good half is not working, and much of the rest is lockable…

Too bad we have vented 50% of the fan motors burned down long ago. And tight with no ventilation because, unlike other ships, the portholes are small, and the vast majority of premises does does not have them. So only possible with forced ventilation, but if not, the cabin will smell like mold, the ceiling drip with condensation and stuffiness though the ax hang.

A little more about our organization.

On the day we have an average of 10 constructs, each lasts about 35 minutes (so we stand on the construction of almost 65 days). The builds always say: the Crew of the aircraft CARRIER… built . In General, the command always emphasizes that we serve it on the CARRIER.

Let me remind you that the classification of ships of the Russian Navy till had not changed, and there is no carrier, there is only heavy aircraft carrier cruiser. And the planes on our ships are a rarity, and they visit him in a rather pathetic amount.

After all, it is not surprising that Kuznetsov has a bad reputation. Bosses everywhere and scares: You behave badly will send to Kuznetsov (nickname Hugo ) . Well, those lucky enough to get to serve on the Kuznetsov serve it not very desirable.

Hence the high turnover. Every 4-5 years (after contract) Junior officers and this is the main backbone of the ship is changed to 80%. Leave experienced, and in their place come green . The same applies to warrant officers. All this is clearly not conducive to the improvement of the equipment.

With regard to personnel, i.e. the sailors, looking at them, believe that the Soviet Union is alive, lives and will live. What nationalities here! Russian is not more than 60%, although the urge, like, only residents of the Russian Federation. The point is probably that we, Russian, the Holy duty of being considered an indicator of social status and prestige. So rowing all those who have not had the wit or money to avoid. Read addresses of recruits and believe: do not fail the Rus land.

From sin, the whole contingent is not even allowed in the dismissal (so won’t pull anything in Murmansk). So they sit 2 years on hardware.

The main educational measure against the sailors now became the whip ( stick missing), i.e. the hole, where sometimes they even warrant officers. From such a life, sailors like to lose the benefit of a big ship. It happens 3-4 times in a month. Then all the officers and warrant officers painted by gatherings and we are looking for the hidden sailor. The searches usually last 1-2 days (if you do not find on the first day, which is 50% of probability, then a sailor, usually 2-3 days out himself), but there were Champions.

So, one sailor in the Mediterranean searched for a week.

They steal everything and everyone. As it stole 200 pairs (we have all at large) officer’s boot, and then almost in the open them for 50 rubles per pair traded in the vehicle. And the commander kept shouting that all going to jail.

The most fruitful field here, of course, are the galleys.

They dragged all and Sundry, and not lazy all here. What is not carried away, eaten up, and at night all the galleys smells of fried potatoes. The galleys be given a specially punched cans, but they are still sold at a reduced price to the workers from the factory. And the first violin is played here, of course, service of supply.

Has been said that we tight with showers. But that’s not all. Do yourself a gifted self-made showers with electric heating good, the ship is deserted showers and sinks a huge amount. No less interesting is the situation with the cabins. On the ship a lot and looted the abandoned cabins of the officers, troopers, pilots and aircraft. At special desire it is possible to find and repair. So often even the warrant officers or sailors-contract employees live in single cabins. Want to know how to spin live.

Because of the trampoline (instead of ejection) take-off on the su-33 may be subject to restrictions on takeoff weight. When you consider that (partly, at fault geu) the flights are conducted on b-8-node move, it becomes clear why they occur only in windy weather and, as a rule, without external weapons, and with a reduced supply of fuel. On the ship mounted automatic landing system, theoretically allowing for flight in any visibility, but in practice it is not checked. So the flights are only GOOD in windy weather.

Well the case with the electric part. The turbogenerator set down , and the standby diesel generator will fail to start, then something else will happen. And the whole ship is plunged into darkness. Especially juicy it looks on the move: radars do not radiate, there is no connection, boilers faded out – not a carrier and the flying Dutchman.”


Photo of the sailor and device for cleaning burners on “Hugo”.


Photo navigation logging “Kuzi” with paper map and paper homemade label taped on the door of the wooden table.

Photo of the steam boiler, recovered from “Kuzi”

Repair “Kuzi” before the accident, it was planned to spend 60 billion. Of course those planned in the budget of the Russian Federation funds will continue to be used. However, in my opinion, “Hugo” will never be on their own in a campaign, and it will inevitably send for scrap.

The emergence of new carriers in Russia in the foreseeable and distant future is not expected for normal operation of the aircraft carriers there is no proper infrastructure. The lack of aircraft carriers in the Russian Navy, usually justified by the alleged rate military commanders on submarines with their “weapons of retaliation”.

However, this calculation in practice was wrong.

Existing environment current Russian generals of the myth about the secrecy and invulnerability of nuclear submarines with nuclear missiles on Board recently debunked by a group of submarine officers. All Russian submarines are visible in the Pentagon with pinpoint accuracy, and in the event of a major war are immediately destroyed, failing to produce its own missiles.

The program of armaments of Russia for the years 2018-2025 no money not only on new aircraft carriers, but even for the repair of existing cruisers of the Soviet buildings, for example, for scheduled maintenance guided missile cruiser “Moskva”, which for three years at the pier in the Crimea Peninsula, also confirming its recent history the folk wisdom about “stolen happiness”.

We will remind, earlier “Диалог.UA” reported that the reasons of state of emergency with the “Admiral Hugo”.