On Kickstarter there is a new portable system for physical workouts OYO Nova Gym – and immediately collected $ 2 million in donations, despite the fact that the price of a gadget is $150.

The system designer Paul Francis – no stranger to questions of creation of the fitness devices. His previous project, OYO Personal Gym became the second largest amount of funds raised fitness product in the entire history of Kickstarter. Nova Gym – its improved version, designed with the user feedback. Its main feature – it provides strength training of all muscle groups and fits in a small bag.

The resounding success of both the fitness gadgets it is quite natural Paul Francis in the past has developed a device for training astronauts on the order of NASA. The fruit of his labors became iRED resistive system, which used a patented SpiraFlex technology. NASA funded a 16-week testing cycle in which the iRED was compared with the traditional workouts with free weights. Conclusion – the system provides the same performance as traditional methods, but requires virtually no space. Since then, for over 10 years, more than 50 astronauts aboard the ISS kept himself in shape through a system of Francis.

OYO Nova Gym uses the same principles as iRED – in particular, for the work does not require a vertical gravity. So it is possible to train even in zero gravity, without any additional equipment, like machines or benches.

Source — Kickstarter