The American strategic bomber Boeing B-52H Stratofortress flew over the Baltic sea near the territorial waters of Russia. According to the Ministry of defense, the U.S. air force plane is approaching the Russian border less than 150 km Capable of carrying nuclear weapons the B-52 bomber went in the opposite direction after was taken to support the Russian air defense systems, said the Agency.

  • Boeing B-52H Stratofortress
  • © Lubos Pavlicek/CTK

Near the Russian border on the Baltic sea was seen by the American strategic bomber Boeing B-52H Stratofortress. This was reported in the Ministry of defense of Russia.

“March 15, 2019, the b-52 U.S. air force flew with the included transponder above the neutral waters of the Baltic sea parallel to the territorial waters of the Russian Federation”, — stated in the message.

In the Ministry of defence stressed that the aircraft were not up to the Russian border is closer than 150 km from the American strategic bomber turned around immediately after he took over the escort duty vehicles Russian air defense systems, said the Agency.

Previously, the monitoring service of flights PlaneRadar reported that Boeing B-52H flew at an altitude of approximately 8 km at the borders of Poland, close to Kaliningrad region.

“The strategic bomber Boeing B-52H Stratofortress of the U.S. air force, tail number 61-0009, imitation bombing bases of the Baltic fleet”, — is spoken in Twitter account PlaneRadar.

16:25 GMT.
Strategic bomber #Boeing B-52H #Stratofortress US air force:us:, Board room 61-0009, imitation bombing base Baltic флота

— PlaneRadar (@ua4wiy_) on 15 March 2019.

Note that the B-52 bomber is in service with the U.S. air force since 1955. The plane can carry on Board different types of weapons, including nuclear.

The last time monitoring portals noticed American bomber near the Russian border in September 2018, when he approached the coast of the Murmansk region, flying near the Russian military base the Arctic Shamrock, located on the archipelago Franz-Joseph.

USAF B-52H 61-0015 CHAOS43 departed Fairford and conducted a mission over the Norwegian Sea, Barents Sea & Arctic Ocean

— Aircraft Spots (@AircraftSpots) September 15, 2018

Along with this Friday, March 15, portal PlaneRadar recorded the activity of the U.S. air force on the southern borders of Russia. First strategic reconnaissance drone Northrop Grumman RQ-4B-40 Global made a “reconnaissance flight along the Russian coast of the Black sea”. Then in this area was seen the Boeing P-8A Poseidon of the U.S. Navy.

At the borders of Russia

Foreign aircraft on a regular basis conduct reconnaissance activities near the Russian border. As follows from the data infographic of the newspaper of the Armed forces of Russia “Red star”, in the period from 4 to 10 March, the reconnaissance activities along the country’s borders led 17 aircraft. The Russian fighters on-duty air defense forces three times up in the air to prevent violations of the state border.

One of these episodes occurred on 6 March over the Baltic sea, where Russian multi-purpose fighter su-27, made the interception of aircraft of the United States air force Boeing RC-135, modifications of which are used for electronic surveillance, data collection and aerial photography. The Ministry of defence published a video, filmed from the cockpit of the su-27. The footage shows the fighter catches up and some time accompanied by an American spy plane.

We add that a similar action was produced at the end of January in respect of anti-submarine patrol aircraft P-8A Poseidon, the U.S. air force.

At this intelligence near the Russian borders do not only United States but also other States, in particular Sweden. The latest incident occurred on February 19 when a su-27 fighter was lifted into the air over the Baltic sea after detecting the approaching to the border of Russia aircraft Gulfstream of the Swedish air force.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of defence of the Kingdom accused the Russian side in dangerous proximity, calling the actions of the crew of the destroyer “inappropriate and unprofessional”.


Standing alert: Russian su-27 intercepted over the Baltic American spy plane

Su-27 of Russian air force was raised to intercept air targets approaching the state border from the Baltic sea, reported in the…

Meanwhile, the Russian military stressed that the su-27 approached the Swedish aircraft at a safe distance “for visual identification”, and after removal of a foreign aircraft from the border, Russia has returned to the home airfield.

“The increased intensity of military intelligence activities” of other States near Russia’s borders has become one of the operational meeting of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin with members of the security Council on 7 March.

At a meeting of the FSB Board on March 6, the President called for the strict and careful supervision of data protection on the development, testing and production of Russian weapons systems, as well as information about the advanced technologies of military and dual-purpose.

“We see that foreign intelligence tend to increase their activity in the Russian direction, all looking for ways to access political, economic, scientific, technological character. The more reliable should be your job,” — said the head of state.