Died chief editor of Thrasher magazine, Jake Phelps

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KIEV. March 16. UNN. At the 57th year died the chief editor of Thrasher magazine, Jake Phelps, this was reported by his uncle, Clark Phelps. The relative did not mention the cause of death but said it happened “quickly and easily”, reports UNN with reference also to the log message Thrasher.

Jake Phelps led the magazine about skate culture for over 20 years. His death was confirmed on the newspaper’s website: “I’ve never met someone who loved something as much as Jake loved skateboarding. In the same way as we need food and water, Jake was required to skate to survive. It was more than a hobby, mode of transport or a way of life — it was the oxygen,” wrote the founder of the magazine Tony Vitello.

Phelps criticised fashion brands for the intervention in the culture of skateboarding. One of the notorious was the scandal when H&M used the brand for their t-shirts. The conflict, however, came to nothing: the company disagreed with the allegations of plagiarism, as the magazine has not registered the logo as a trademark. Another scandal was connected with Rihanna and Justin Bieber: Phelps said that artists can’t wear merch with the logo of the magazine until at least a couple of times will not sit with the Board.

As reported by UNN, in the United States died, Pulitzer prize winner William Mervyn.