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Protests at the White house in Washington

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In Washington at the White house during the riots affected more than 50 employees of the Secret service, announced on Monday, the Fox News channel, citing sources.

According to the interlocutors of the channel, having a direct relation to the forces defending Washington, the rioters had thrown at members of the Secret service bottles and containers with an incendiary mix in Lafayette Park, adjacent to the White house.

An hour before the curfew at 23:00 Sunday police dispersed protesters in Lafayette Park, using tear gas grenades.

On Monday morning, the lighting around the White house was disconnected. It is reported that Secret service personnel use night vision devices to monitor the protesters.

Saturday morning Donald trump praised the Secret police’s willingness to protect the President of the United States. He called them “very cool” and real professionals. Trump also warned protesters against attempts to breach a secured perimeter around the White house. In this case, according to the President, the offenders will stop “dangerous weapon” and “vicious dogs.”

Unlike the President, the Secret service appealed to the citizens in a more restrained and without threats. They announced that they “respect the freedom of Assembly”, but please protest peacefully “for the sake of all”.

On Saturday, trump also publicly questioned the sincerity of the protesters and that they really care about the fate of the deceased from police brutality African American. In one of his tweets, the us President suggested that the protesters are an instrument of another’s will and them “professionally manipulated”.

According to the Ministry of justice, the Federal agents of the U.S. marshals and the office for the fight against drugs aims to help National guard and local police to participate in security on the streets of Washington.

Earlier it was reported that the President of the United States Donald Trump had to hide in an underground bunker of the White house on Friday evening when the Washington protests in connection with the death at the hands of police of unarmed African-American George Floyd.

According to the newspaper the New York Times, the President was taken to the bunker when the demonstrators tried to push back metal barricades at the gates of the White house. CNN adds that he remained there about an hour before returning to his residence.

It was also noted that in the area of Lafayette Park protesters set fire to the basement of the Episcopal Church of St. John (the so-called “Church of the presidents”). Somebody tore down the American flag, which was at the Church and probably threw it into the fire, smashing the window in the building. In addition, the walls of the Church were covered with graffiti, “the Devil is on the side of the street”. Firefighters soon put out the fire, reports “Interfax”.

Protests in Washington are on a par with performances across the country in response to the death of 46-year-old African American George Floyd. During his detention on may 25 in Minneapolis, a white police officer Derek Chauvin pressed on the man’s neck with his knee. Floyd said that he could not breathe but the police, as seen on the video footage of the detention, did not pay attention to it. Shortly thereafter, the African American died at the hospital. The four officers who detained Floyd, was fired may 26, suture detained and will soon appear before court.

On may 27 in Minnesota began street protests under the slogan “Black Lives Matter” (“black Lives matter”). During the protests was burnt down police station, which had to evacuate employees of law enforcement bodies. In Minneapolis sent troops of the national guard, there declared the state of emergency, and in some States that supported the protests, a curfew was imposed. In particular, the ban on leaving the house at night in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle. At least 4,100 people were arrested in several days of protests, reports Associated Press.

In California, the protests were accompanied by looting. The media got a video in which, presumably, some looters robbed others.

WILD VIDEO: Here’s video of #looters in Walnut Creek turning on each other and start fighting over the clothes they stole. Latest here:

— ABC7 News (@abc7newsbayarea) June 1, 2020

In some cities, the security forces began to move to the side of the protesters. So, the chief of police Camden, new Jersey Joseph Wysocki stood at the head of the March carrying the banner “Together in solidarity”, and his colleague from the city of Fargo joined the protesters with a placard “We are all one race. The human race”.

And in Brooklyn, law enforcement officers detained two lawyers suspected that they threw a Molotov cocktail at a police patrol car. One of the detainees was a 32-year-old graduate law student at new York University Colyford Mattis. He worked at the law firm Pryor Cashman in Times Square, but his profile was removed from site after reports of the arrest of Mattis.