The European space Agency (ESA) introduced a new concept of space suit gloves for astronauts of the future. The glove in the photo –with the joint development of the French company Comex and designer of Agatha Medioni.

Recall that the story of the suit goes back almost a century, having gloves is one of the most complex components, because they have to be durable and functional, providing sufficient mobility for the hand in the process of performing different operations.

Unfortunately, modern space gloves are far from perfect. In particular, the American version suffers from clumsiness, freezes in the area of the fingertips and sometimes even injure astronauts.

Presented ESA gloves have additional functions in addition to hand protection from cosmic cold and vacuum. For example, you can use them to control the drone Martian or lunar Rover with gestures. They can “shoot” an integrated laser beam to measure the distance to objects.

And finally, they mounted display to display the oxygen level. Modern spacesuits he is on the torso, and the astronauts have to use a special mirror on your wrist to see the evidence.

The new material the gloves can withstand extremes of temperature from +120 to -170 °C and provides a comfortable and safe working conditions of an astronaut.

Source — ESA