Vladimir Ruban (screenshot from video)

One of the KPVV in the Donbass detained the head of the Center for the release of prisoners the Officer corps Vladimir Ruban. About it LIGA.net according to a senior source in the SBU.

As it became known LIGA.net on tomorrow, the SBU is preparing a briefing with the participation of the service head Vasyl Hrytsak.

Also about the arrest of Ruban reported in Facebook by the Deputy Minister of the temporarily occupied territories Georgy Tuka.

“KPVV arrested Ruban. Under the guise of a migrant of the” General “tried to smuggle an Arsenal of weapons that was hidden in furniture,” wrote Tuck.

Photo: facebook.com/george.tuka

“No exemptions will be. This is not an accidental detention,” wrote in the comments on Facebook, the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko in response to a suggestion by one of the users that Ruban core in time to be released.

In the Internet appeared the video of the process of documenting alleged violations.

Earlier the security Service of Ukraine said that Ruban was not authorized to negotiate on the release of Ukrainians.

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