KIEV. 9 Mar. UNN. Danish engineer-inventor Peter Madsen, who is accused of killing Swedish journalist Kim Vallee, appeared before the court. The trial began in Copenhagen on 8 March. It is reported by UNN with reference to Deutsche Welle.

According to investigators, the inventor has subjected the journalist tortured, then killed her, and after the partition threw the body parts into the sea in plastic bags. Madsen is accused that he planned the crime. Investigators believe that this resonant crime was committed sexual offenses.

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Himself 47-year-old Madsen denies murder and claims that the 30-year-old journalist was killed in the accident that occurred on Board submarine. According to the inventor, the misfortune was caused by a mistake during the dive of a submarine under water. During the investigation on the parts of the body of the journalist was not detected no DNA Madsen.

Meanwhile, a representative of the Prosecutor’s office announced that doctors according to the results of examination believe the defendant is a smart man “with a penchant for psychopathy, lack of empathy and guilt”. Investigators also claim that Madsen watched the video with scenes of violence and murder. Relevant videos found on the hard drive of his computer. For the inventor require that the penalty of life imprisonment.

As written by the UNN, the police found a female torso with no arms, legs and head in Copenhagen at the coast of the island of Amager. Later it was confirmed that a woman’s body found in water South of Copenhagen belongs to the journalist, Kim Valle.

Later divers found the head and other remains of the Swedish journalist Kim Vallee, a dismembered body which was discovered on the coast of the island of Amager.